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A cuddle night in our water bed 2019

For lovers - throughout the year!

In the evening
we welcome you with “Heart in flames” the cocktail of love.
Then we offer a five course candle light dinner with Chateau Briand.

If you want to go out or make a trip in the area, please let us know.
We have a few interesting tips for you.

Package offer of the hotel:

Friday to Monday 125 Euro
Monday to Friday 137 Euro per person and day,

additional night 50 Euro per person + € 9,00 breakfast per person

Arrival any day after booking in advance.

Our services include service charge and VAT. Prices and arrangement are subject to change.
If you have questions, want to make a booking, or need further information, please contact us by phone on 07032-2040, by e-mail post@hasen.de or use our contact form.

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